Act 6: A Resolution

“Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference” (Robert Frank)

Robert Frank, Los Angeles Times, Sep 10, 2019 (Dan Winters, New York, 2016)

In 2018 I bought a camera.

In 2019, I worried that we weren’t paying attention. I worried that a domestic war was brewing. That lines in the sand were becoming dark and foreboding chasms. I took pictures. I searched the eyes of others for answers. I looked. But I didn’t see. I must do better.

Resolved: In 2020, I will make photographs. I will see. And I will not be indifferent.

Norfolk, VA, Oct 2019 (Leica M3, Ilford Delta 400)

Post Note: For a glimpse of a few eyes I searched in 2019, click here

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